Taylor Momsen's Hair

Taylor Momsen - Blonde hair with darker slices
Photo by PR Photos
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Taylor Momsen wears light blonde hair with darker slices integrated throughout her updo for contrast and depth.
There is an attractive side part that brings the hair over into a smooth jag around her face. The rest of the hair is brought back into a maze of tight curls with wisps and tendrils matching the other side of her face.
Fair skinned and accenting her milky complexion, Taylor plays up her eyes with thick eyeliner applied on the top and lower eyes, light blue shadow, arched and brushed eyebrows, mascara and a neutral rose lip tint.
Taylor's pretty lemon dress is far enough away from her hair to cast any yellow shadows or make a difference to the color of her hair. A word to the wise, when you are dead set on wearing yellow with your blonde hair, wear a fashionable stone necklace and earrings that will bring out the color of your hair and eyes, such as sapphire, rubies or emeralds.
Taylor Momsen wearing her hair in an updo
Photo by PR Photos
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