Taylor Momsen's Hair

Taylor Momsen - Smooth layered hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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Texturized ends are built into this layered hairstyle. The hair is styled for a delicately smooth look, and that isn't all. There is high visibility of the individual hair strands that nestle around Taylor Momsen's neck.
Bangs are cut into two heavier sections and divided by an irregular choppy part, and each bulk lies over the brows. Shadows are cast throughout the hair with strands of gold and darker ends.
The refining description could be something like: gold, beige, and back to gold. Shadows of hair color are definitely a trend today, whether it be a darker color of brown under piles of wheaten blonde or captions of brown, blonde, and then a reddish gold.
Hairstyle with hair that nestles around the neckline - Taylor Momsen
Photo by PR Photos
Whatever your taste, if you have the boldness to try this hairstyle, you are sure to have a lot of fun modeling about while you work or go to school.
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