Nadine Velazquez Hair

Nadine Velazquez with her hair in spirals and wearing a shiny tight turtleneck
Photo by PR Photos
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Nadine Velazquez showcases her animated brown hair, elegantly styled in long layers parted on the side, adorned with large spirals that move away from her face.
Hints of dark gold/caramel stripes subtly emerge amidst the smoother sections atop and around her crown, accentuated by generous applications of gloss to enhance its luminous shine.
The essence of today's makeup is to offer the freedom to wear as much as desired while maintaining a naturally beautiful appearance. Nadine epitomizes this concept effortlessly. Sporting a light foundation that harmonizes with her fair complexion, the barely perceptible blush lends a delicate flush to her cheeks. Complementing her look are defined eyes with eyeliner and mascara, subtly brushed brows, and a neutral lip tint, adding to her understated allure.
Soft black makes a comeback, though one might argue it never truly faded. Nadine opts for a snug turtleneck that embraces her figure, neatly tucked into her belt, while accessorizing with a purse featuring a prominent shoulder strap.