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Vanessa Williams & Katie Holmes

Vanessa Williams - 05/01/2008

Vanessa Williams is wearing her layered brunette hair in tiny spiral curls all over her head. One can almost see the warmth that is generated in the brown hair color. Should you decided to try this hairstyle for yourself, begin by sectioning the hair in the crown, top and sides and start on the very bottom of the nape in the back. Lightly spray your thermo setting lotion as you go, while using the smallest curling iron you have. Take tiny sections and wrap quickly in a vertical position. Repeat this process row upon row, setting each curl above the other as you go. Set the curls into a checkerboard pattern for the prevention of gaps in your style.
Golden warm skin tones play an important factor with our celebrity's natural application of bronzing and blush, eyeliner on the top and bottom of her eyes, light shadow, lightly brushed sculptured brows, mascara and neutral color lip tint.
Wearing an attractive shirt in a medium shade of violet is held together by the thin spaghetti straps on Vanessa's shoulders. The color of violet looks good on our girl, however, I believe orange would look the best with her skin tones. Tip: Discover what your best color is, and wear it often and as close to your face as possible. Wear the less attractive colors away from your face.
Katie Holmes - 05/05/2008

Katie Holmes has her hair fashioned in a bob hairstyle with the back clipped closely in the nape and each layer measured from there, bringing the crown all the way down and the sides a little longer and edged bluntly around her jaw line. The bangs are just up from her brows in a smooth structured clip.
Having medium to fair skin tones, Katie uses light tones with a little bit of blush, eyeliner, light mauve shadow, mascara and neutral lip tint.
Katie is wearing a delicate rose colored evening dress with a gold ribbon lace coming up from the dress and around her neck that sets off the horizontal gathered pleats. The coral rose is one of the most flattering colors for someone with Kate's skin tones, as the color is so bright it brings out the coloring of the eyes and pink in the skin. For a striking approach with this color, if Katie had this color closer to her face, she would have looked exquisite.
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