Fernanda Romero's Long Hair

Fernanda Romero - Straight long hairstyle with bangs
Photo by PR Photos
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Engaging natural brown lines define Fernanda Romero's hair with sun blonde slices scattered throughout her long straight hairstyle. Long layers are textured about 4 cm or 1.5 inches from the ends that lie just below her shoulders. A smooth zigzag center, positions the bangs below her brows.
When you look at Fernanda's hair, there is the possibility of being a bit oily or perhaps a lot of gloss was applied, then again, it could be damp. If there is an oil problem, there are shampoos on the market today that will help control your oil. For excessive oil, see your physician.
Fernanda is wearing light make up with eyeliner on her lids, light blush and a neutral lip tint complimenting her warm skin tones. With medium to olive skin tones she doesn't need to wear heavy make up, unless of course to go out for the evening.
The orange dress is a superb choice for skin color like Fernanda's. It could be safe to say that the color orange might be the best choice for medium to olive tones like hers, as it gives a coveted exotic appeal. Other tones, which are too sallow, would turn yellow.
Fernanda Romero's long brown hair with blonde slices
Photo by PR Photos
Fernanda Romero wearing an orange dress
Photo by PR Photos
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