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Trendy Long Hairstyle with Layers

Finola Hughes joined the rest of the celebrities at the 2009 Environmental Media Awards on October 25th, 2009 and at the Simon G. Jewelry Annual "Summer Soiree" on June 5th, 2010.
Finola wears her hair in an off centered part and cut in the trendy long layers of today. Her haircolor is a cast of reddish brown with lines of her natural darker color and folds of a gold blonde.
If you are interested in copying this type of hairstyle, chances are; you are probably already leaning toward it or wearing it without realizing it. A simple blow dry and some smoothing cream followed with a little bit of spritz for glossiness make this an easy hairstyle to work with. This is a good long hairstyle for a women aged over 45.
As beautiful as Finola is, I would like to see her with a shorter haircut, because I believe it would make her look much younger. Something quite heavily layered that is light enough to bounce around her neck and doesn't touch her shoulders and generous amounts of choppy feathery bangs that would be a bit spiky in extra slices of gold.
As for hair color, I would make sure a reddish blonde/gold would be dominate in her hair as it would put more pink in her face and with her new haircut would perk her whole countenance up.
Brushes of light blush would go over her high cheek bones with a coral or watermelon lip tone. Instead of wearing black a more daring color of Magenta would bring a bold beauty into our photograph.
Easy to work with long hairstyle - Finola Hughes Long hairstyle for women aged over 45 - Finola Hughes
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