Felicity Huffman

Felicity Huffman - Medium hairstyle with an hourglass shape
Photo by PR Photos
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We love this beautiful hairstyle form Felicity Huffman. She showed up looking good at the "Trust Me" Los Angeles Premiere in 2014. It's a fabulous mid-length hairstyle for mature women to try out. Her locks are cut right above the shoulders and lots of layers are cut in to give it a sultry, hourglass shape.
The actress' strands are blown out to show off lots of volume. Hair is flicked out at the tips for a fun and flirty flip. The flip is soft and not overdone so she doesn't end up looking like Mrs. Brady. Use a small round brush on the roots to really lift and add volume, then use a larger brush or a paddle brush to flip out ends so they don't roll up too tightly. A texture spray was used heavily on her strands to lock her look in place and to keep it from looking too soft and shiny.
Her hair color is a beautiful pale blonde that almost has a velvety look to it. The shade of blonde is super light and toned to perfection. No yellowy or orangey tones show up at all. You can see some darker beige colors underneath which really add depth and dimension to the overall color. The deeper tones also help to keep Felicity from looking washed out.
We love when a women loves her hair and you can tell that Huffman is enjoying her style and having fun. Rock it girl!
Felicity Huffman - Mature hairstyle for mid-length hair
Photo by PR Photos
Felicity Huffman having fun with her hair
Photo by PR Photos
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