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Rebecca Loos & Danielle Lloyd

Rebecca Loos - 04/22/2008
Rebecca Loos wearing her hair in a simple long and layered style
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Media celebrity Rebecca Loos knows how to draw attention, and her hair is a prime attractor. Her dark blonde locks are layered in long, clearly-defined tiers giving a "rough edge" to her sultry style. The cut and styling are simple, but work well to create an edgy, interesting look to complete the casual attitude for which she seems to be going. I'm not sure that I wouldn't have recommended going to a little more trouble, though. In comparison to her fellow attendees, the lovely lady of Spain seems to be pulling a Cinderella act in reverse.
Danielle Lloyd - 04/22/2008
Danielle Lloyd with waist long blonde hair Danielle Lloyd - Very long hair and an Alice band
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This UK-born model and media darling Danielle Lloyd may have lost the Miss Great Britain crown, but still has her regal sense of style. Pale yellow-blonde hair flows in razor-cut layers to the waist, with a softly curved fringe. The very long hair is styled simply in an off-center part and pulled back with a glittery Alice-band. The flaxen tones of her hair color enhance the rich skin tones and bring out the rich brown eyes, while the long, smooth styling balances the angles and prominence of the chin and jaw line. The look works well in combination with the simple sheath dress and glamourous jewelry - in a mix of gold and silver bangles and dangling accents.