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Portia Freeman hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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The London premiere of "Fool's Gold" was a chance for the UK's hottest celebs to shine. Unfortunately, top British model, Portia Freeman, seemed ill-prepared for the paparazzi.
Her satiny, structured bustier-dress is eye-catching, but her hair seemed to be ill-used. The mass of wavy almost-curls was pulled back from the face with a clip, but the entire look is riddle with frizz and a fuzzy cast which detracts from the precisely painted face.
I can't tell whether the style is an attempt to enhance natural wave which went awry, or if it's a matter of too-little effort or too-little time to prepare. Either way, it's a shame to mask such a beautiful young lady behind such a slap-dash style.
She would have been best served by a simple up-style, such as a smoothly-wrought French twist.
Portia Freeman with her hair styled into almost curl
Photo by PR Photos
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