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Portia Freeman & Kristen Bell

Portia Freeman - 04/10/2008
Portia Freeman hairstyle Portia Freeman with her hair styled into almost curls
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The London premiere of "Fool's Gold" was a chance for the UK's hottest celebs to shine. Unfortunately, top British model, Portia Freeman, seemed ill-prepared for the paparazzi. Her satiny, structured bustier-dress is eye-catching, but her hair seemed to be ill-used. The mass of wavy almost-curls was pulled back from the face with a clip, but the entire look is riddle with frizz and a fuzzy cast which detracts from the precisely painted face.
I can't tell whether the style is an attempt to enhance natural wave which went awry, or if it's a matter of too-little effort or too-little time to prepare. Either way, it's a shame to mask such a beautiful young lady behind such a slap-dash style. She would have been best served by a simple up-style, such as a smoothly-wrought French twist.
Kristen Bell - 04/10/2008

Kristen Bell with her hair knotted at the nape Kristen Bell wearing her hair up in a summery style The stunning young actress Kristen Bell continues her trend toward simple elegance with this simple knotted-at-the-nape style. Her soft blonde locks are razor cut with minimal layers and wispy tendrils are left loose to frame the face and enhance the smile.
Her strapless dress is beachy-summery and perfect and is made even more stunning by the mother-of-pearl and gold necklace and matched earrings. The simple styling and summery look is ideal for the daytime premiere and Kristen keeps her title as "America's Sweetheart".