Ellen Pompeo's Long Hair

Ellen Pompeo - Long light brown hair with side bangs
Photos by PR Photos
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Ellen Pompeo has that light brown hair that we are accustomed to seeing and she has been given a few blonde foils to brighten her brown and for a subtle contrast. Here in the photograph she appears to be a little bit tired.
What can we do quickly, for Ellen to perk her face up a bit? One thing we could do is to bronze her face ever so lightly to give her some color, and make her look like she's been in the sun at least an hour more than she planned. After the bronzing, go over her nose with a light blush and up on her cheek bones to harmonize with the bronze.
Now take your index finger and carefully dip it into your darker pancake makeup and make a line in the crevices, just below her cheekbones. Blend with your finger, so it won't be so noticeable. Her lip color looks good, unless you'd like to add a touch of coral to go with the bronzing.
Ellen Pompeo wearing her brown hair long with layers
Photo by PR Photos
What about her hair? Let's brush it back and tie it in a dark jeweled clasp on the bottom of her neck with nothing hanging along the sides. Only one small strand would fall from the corner of her top bang and we would smooth that to be a very large curve.
Well, what do you think? Have we missed anything? Oh yes, let's place a nice thin chain necklace on that girl!
Ellen Pompeo's brown hair with blonde foils
Photo by PR Photos
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