Simple To Do Long Hairstyle

Ellie Kemper hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Ellie Kemper was at the 2010 NBC Universal Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California. She wore her long hair with her bangs brushed on the top of her eyebrows and the sides away from the face to allow the back hair to swing over the tucked hair.
In most pictures of Ellie you will see her hair fashioned away from her face in some way. Her hair color is a light reddish brown and looks well with her redheaded pink skin tone. Her long hairstyle is very simple to do and only involves washing, conditioning and blow drying.
Her blue dress goes well with the color of her hair however Ellie needs the blue closer to her face to bring more flattering tones to her facial features. For a more sophisticated appeal: an olive or woodsy green color with a flair of plaid would be outstanding on our girl.
As for her makeup, the majority of ladies today wear too little and go around looking gaunt or ghoulish because they refuse to wear any color on their cheeks or lips because no one else is wearing it. Ellie needs more color. A rose blush would be perfect completing with a rose lip tint.
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