Katherine Jenkins' Hair

Katherine Jenkins wearing her hair long with curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Did you know our Welsh lady Katherine Jenkins has won an award for her distinguished mezzo-soprano voice? I would say, that is quite an achievement.
Katherine's pretty pale beige hair has slices of light brown, subtly throughout her hair and notably compliments the blue outfit she is wearing. We can also easily see how both her hair and her dress color easily unites the blue in her eyes.
She wears her long hair with a high side part with the top and sides brushed back to connect together, in the back. The rest of her hair cascades into coils of curls made with a curling iron. Before you rush out to get this type of look, think again; as her hair is high maintenance with plenty of moisturizing conditioners applied to keep this healthy appearance.
Back view of Katherine Jenkins hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
Katherine Jenkins with her hair brushed back
Photo by PR Photos
Just for fun, take your two pointing fingers and place one at each side of Katherine's head, about an inch below her ears where you see her earring and a large rounded curl made from the layering. Can you picture her with shorter hair, doing this? She looks pretty good doesn't she? Of course, we know Katherine would look good in anything.