Katee Sackoff's Hair

Katee Sackhoff's medium-length shag haircut
Photo by PR Photos
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Katee Sackhoff sports a charming medium-length shag haircut, brushed back and styled with a touch of lift, a spritz of spray, and curled under.
While this style aims for a carefree vibe, there's a bit of effort involved if you're considering it for yourself. Katee's highly bleached hair renders it versatile for nearly any style due to its porosity.
Her choice of earrings flawlessly complements the way her hair is elegantly swept away from her face. This versatile haircut seamlessly transitions from sporty outings to formal events or even just everyday wear. So why not take a chance and give it a whirl? After all, what do you have to lose?
Katee Sackhoff wearing her hair in a carefree medium-length style
Photo by PR Photos
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