Rachael Taylor's Ponytail

Rachael Taylor wearing her curly hair in a ponytail
Photo by PR Photos
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Here is a lady who gives a believable hope to the ponytail. Let's face it, some people are just hopelessly in love with the ponytail.
Some people will wear a ponytail while they swim, play tennis, dine out, with that hot date or going to bed. The ponytail seems to score points that other styles do not. Where is this coming from? How is it, that the ponytail has gained so much fame?
Rachael Taylor wears her hair in the impenetrable and popular ponytail along with a black hair band to keep the top back and away from her face. Most unusual is the blue Grecian style dress she is wearing that gives a hope and illusion to the ponytail of being more than what it really is.
Rachael Taylor wearing a ponytail combined with a hair band
Photo by PR Photos
If her stylist had taken just a little bit more time and created her hair into a few curls, this would have done justice to her dress. As for the hair band, a silver or blue one would have been much more regal. Rachel has a natural shine to her look.
I picture her riding in her green outfit, in the open fields on a beautiful large black stallion. Try that sometime, when you look at someone. Where do you seem them?