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Rachel Fox's Hair

Rachel Fox - Long hairstyle for a large forehead
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Teeny bopper Rachel Fox was seen at the 2010 Teen Awards on August 8, 2010 and wore her long hair in straight measures with a side part flowing down her back and below her shoulders.
Rachel has notable dark blonde and gold stripes that meet her blonder ends. The shape of her face gravitates between being part oval and heart as she has a large forehead. Her eyebrows are short and round with a nice thickness to them. She is wearing medium eyeliner, mascara and a transparent lip color.
Her black dress gives an attractive influence of dressiness with the netted flowers.
Suggestion: For a more formal appearance Rachel would look cute with her hair in braids along the side of her face and secured under the hair on the sides.
Rachel Fox wearing a black netted dress Rachel Fox with long straight hair
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