Bluntly Cut Bob

Alice Evans - Easy bob hairstyle for fine hair
Photo by PR Photos
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As we look at Alice Evans' pale blonde hair, we can see that she is wearing a Dutch girl or bob hairstyle that is cut bluntly about two inches down from her ears.
Her top has a lithesome irregular side part that is swept over to one side and fastened with a hair clasp, allowing the hair to interlace with the rest of the hair on that side.
This hairstyle will be as easy for you to do as tying your shoes. After you have gone through the ritual of washing, conditioning, and gently towel drying your hair, prepare your hair to be blow-dried using your favorite lotion, mousse, or gel.
Alice Evans wearing her hair in a short bob
Photo by PR Photos
This style is good for thin hair, and sometimes gel will give more volume. Use a medium round vent brush as you begin at the bottom of the back. Tilt the brush deeply under and close to the scalp, moving the hair to go under. Repeat this process row by row all over your head.
When you have made a part on the top, blow-dry small sections like you did with the rest of the hair and fasten them with an ornamental comb. After you are all done, comb through the hair and bring the ends forward just a bit. Spray or use smoothing cream as desired.
Blunt cut bob with a side part - Alice Evans
Photo by PR Photos
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