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Rebecca De Mornay & Sam Phillips

American Society of Young Musicians Award Ceremony - 06/07/2007
Sam Phillips - Blonde hair and glasses
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       Sam Phillips with glasses. She wears her long blonde hair smooth and straight, in layers falling below her shoulders. There is the popular center part, with bangs that fall over her brows. Her hair color are tri-tones of cinnamon and dark blondes to give the impression of naturalness. The "I was born with these streaks in my hair and also spend a lot of time on the beach look." keeps many hair colorists busy in the salons whipping up their concoctions so each client can look stunningly different and unique, meaning: something that the average lady isn't wearing on the street. Having a hair color should be an individual thing and customized especially for your personality and lifestyle. It is something like buying a dress. You do not want to walk into a party and see the same dress you are wearing, on someone across the room. Especially, if she is thinner! Horrors!
AFI Life Achievement Award - 06/07/2007

Rebecca de Mornay wearing a long gold dress        Rebecca De Mornay got her big break when she starred opposite with Tom Cruise in Risky Business. She is wearing her hair in long layers and curled on the ends away from the face. Her top lays closely to the head, while the bangs have a slight roundness and lay just over her eyebrows. She is wearing a very elegant gold dress that would have looked better on her, if she had decided to wear her hair in an up swirl. Sometimes, we wear these lovely gowns, but do not do them justice, by the way we wear our hair. Here is a small tip for you: The way we wear our hair, when we are going out for the evening, is the final touch, almost like icing on the cake and will be the deciding factor of whether you are going to look exceptionally elegant, passable or sloppy. Ask yourself, how would you like to look. A hairstyle can either make you or break you. Wise people know this.