Anna Kournikova's Hair

Anna Kournikova's long blonde hair
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We've all witnessed Anna Kournikova's tennis prowess and her remarkable achievements in the sport. Typically, she opts for braids to keep her hair in check while on the court.
NHowever, now we're getting a glimpse of another side of Anna as her long, pale blonde locks cascade way past her shoulders. Her style features an off-centered part, with one section brushed over with a subtle pouf, seamlessly blending into the rest of her hair, adorned with gentle waves.
This glamorous look was likely achieved with either hot rollers or a medium-sized curling iron. While the back boasts a smooth appearance, only the top and sides were curled to achieve this elegant finish. It's worth noting that maintaining such a high-maintenance hair color requires careful consideration, especially when contemplating going blonde.
Just imagine how stunning Anna's pale blonde hair looks paired with her red dress! Now, picture Anna sporting a blonde bob wig with her red dress. Can you visualize it?
Anna Kournikova - Chest length blonde hair
Photos by PR Photos
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