Rihanna's Angled Bob

Rihanna with slithered hair
Photos by PR Photos
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Rihanna's coal-black hair is cut in an angled bob and styled with an off-center part, featuring a high cut in the back and irregular, razored sides that blend seamlessly into the top.
This straight, textured black hair frames her face perfectly, with a larger portion falling stylishly over one of her eyes. She truly possesses the gift of a model, able to pose so invitingly.
This angled bob haircut is fantastic for walking down the runway, though it might be less practical for activities like riding a bicycle unless you pin back the section covering your eye. Then, you'd be too cool! Today's trends see bangs getting shorter and kept out of the eyes, not longer.
Rihanna's bold hairstyle not only enhances her striking features but also exemplifies her fearless fashion sense. The way her hair falls over one eye adds an air of mystery, making her look chic and edgy. This style, with its precise angles and textured finish, demonstrates a perfect balance between modernity and classic elegance.
Rihanna - short haircut with a high back
Photos by PR Photos
While the angled bob is undoubtedly eye-catching, it's also a versatile cut that can be adapted for different occasions. For everyday activities, pinning back the longer section ensures practicality without sacrificing style. This hairstyle can easily transition from casual to glamorous, making it a favorite choice for fashion-forward women.
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