Eva LaRue's Ponytail

Eva LaRue wearing her hair in a messy ponytail
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Eva LaRue, a popular television actress best known for her role as a doctor in the soap All My Children, effortlessly rocks a chic yet casual style.
She often opts for a messy ponytail, casually brushed over to one side of her back and secured with a hairband, allowing her hair to frame her face. At the top, her hair is elegantly parted to the side with a small pouf, while the remainder cascades into an attractive wave.
HHer hair boasts a stunning golden cinnamon brown hue, with approximately 4 cm of new growth in a medium brown shade. Embracing the current trend, Eva incorporates just a minimal amount of curl on the ends of her hair.
Wouldn't you agree that this style is far more appealing than if she were to simply let her hair hang down her back and below her shoulders?
Eva LaRue's messy ponytail
Photo by PR Photos
Eva LaRue hair
Photo by PR Photos
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