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Jane Seymour & Paula Abdul

35th Annual FIFI Awards - 05/31/07
Jane Seymour's super long hair
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       Everyone knows this British actress on television. She can play just about any kind of role that is thrown to her and as far as I can remember, she has always had her long hair. Although, Jane's hair has forever been super long, she has never looked messy or unkempt. Ever the lady, Jane Seymour always looks when she is acting or at a benefit. I've seen her with her long locks dressed upward and she looks completely engaging. Usually Jane, wears her hair in a blunt cut or very long layers, to complete the styles she is use to wearing. Having such long hair requires a lot of attention with moisturizers and the proper styling. With Jane, it has to be worth it, as it seems to be her trademark.

       Our ever popular Paula Abdul is as voluptuous as ever. She is wearing her brunette hair up with the different strands hanging about, not to be too perfect looking. Her top has an off centered part with the larger area brushed over and joining in with much of the top from the back that is hanging over. The other side gives the impression that her hair has been clipped short and over her ears, but in reality it comes from the top that is smoothed down with product to give this illusion. This style is a design of genius and much forethought has been given, to accomplish this picture. The stage is set around her curls that have been created in the crown of her head, and this gives the impression of Paula's face being a bit longer. We know how beautiful Paula is, don't we?