Paulina Rubio's Hair

Paulina Rubio wearing her hair long with spiral curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Paulina Rubio rocks the gypsy haircut. The gypsy hairstyle is characterized by long layers adorned with curls and waves, a style reminiscent of its popularity in the eighties. It seems the gypsy look is making a comeback.
Typically, the gypsy haircut is paired with a spiral perm to maintain curls and waves permanently. Paulina likely sports a natural hair color ranging from medium to dark brunette.
In her case, she's opted for a striking strawberry blonde hue, which adds warmth to her complexion and surprisingly complements her brown eyes quite well. Strawberry blonde, with its reddish undertones, is one of the most appealing blonde shades, though not everyone can pull it off. While most can manage with a good makeup job, there are some, like Ann-Margret, who truly shine with this shade.
Paulina Rubio wearing long gypsy hair with curls
Photo by PR Photos
Gypsy hairstyle with curls and waves - Paulina Rubio
Photo by PR Photos
Paulina Rubio with long curled hair
Photo by PR Photos
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