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Clothilde Hesme & Emmanuelle Vaugier

Poiret, King of Fashion-Costume Institute Gala - 05/07/2007
Clothilde Hesme
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       French actress Clothilde Hesme is wearing a trendy and simple shag haircut with razor sliced ends and has been given a few tones of light caramel brown streaked throughout her hair for that, oh, so natural look. Most of her hair is semi-straightened, while her ends flip up and give entrance to the curls on the sides. The radiance of her hairstyle, completely befits her and can only be matched by her invaluable smile that truly brings out the humor in Ms. Hesme.
Emmanuelle Vaugier - Long curled hairstyle with layers Emmanuelle Vaugier - Long brown hair with reddish and golden streaks
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       Canadian actress Emmanuelle Vaugier is wearing her hair in long layers with reddish and golden streaks woven to blend in with her naturally brown colored hair. Her hair has been gently curled with a curling iron to give spot curls in different areas and her bangs have been cut bluntly about one and a half inch below her eyebrows. Purple looks good on Ms. Vaugier. Wouldn't she look twice as attractive with a matching purple scarf around her head as well?