Kate Bosworth's Retro Hair

Kate Bosworth with short hair in a 1930s style
Photo by PR Photos
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Kate Bosworth gathered attention when she appeared on the Horse Whisperer in 1998.
Here we are seeing her in a most unusual short 1930s hairstyle that looks outstanding on her. Everything about this hairstyle is exquisite and totally feminine. First pay attention to the pale golden blonde hair color. It isn't too light or too dark and brings out the pink tones in her face.
Her haircut is tapered in the back and moves longer as you go toward the crown, top and on the sides. There has been finger waves placed into the deliberate direction for this most becoming style.
Her silver dress has a scooped rounded neckline and a balloon effect on the hemline. Let's visually place a silver necklace with emeralds around her neck and she would look positively stunning. Everyone should look as good. Way to go Kate!
Kate Bosworth - Thirties hairstyle with finger waves
Photo by PR Photos
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