Vanessa Minnillo's Straightened Hair

Vanessa Minnillo with long straightened hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Vanessa Minnillo has that exotic look from the orient that so many women only just wish they had. She is wearing her long hair straightened in long layers complete with stringed ends pointing toward each other (December 4th, 2006).
The top is flatly directed off to one side and tucked behind her ear. Her hair color is a washed warm brown with darker ends for contrast. Her illuminated bluish dress color corresponds nicely with the color of her hair.
To capture the delicacy of the stringed ends, a good razor cut would do the trick. For a fuller effect, an angled blunt cut would be the answer. In this way, the appearance would be much richer.
To achieve this straight hairstyle for yourself, have your flat iron ready. Section off and begin on the bottom as close to the scalp as you can get bringing the iron up, out and tilted just a bit under. Use smoothing crème to prevent any fraying on the ends.
Side view of Vanessa Minnillo's long hair
Photo by PR Photos
Hairstyle for an exotic look - Vanessa Minnillo
Photo by PR Photos
Long hair with ends pointing toward each other - Vanessa Minnillo
Photo by PR Photos
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