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Hayden Panettiere & Liv Tyler

An Evening With Heroes 04/23/2007

       Celebrity Hayden Panettiere began her career in commercials when she was only 11 years old. She is wearing her hair in long layered semi wavy layers and her color is a myriad of blondes, browns and caramels. The warm blondes in her hair look very compatible with her lovely tan. I can see her all dressed up with all her hair brushed over to one side with a cascade of curls over one another. She would look just like a southern belle and all she would need is to wear a old fashion mint green hoop dress, with gloves and have a parasol to keep her sheltered from the sun.
       Pardon me, I think I'll just go and sip my mint julep, under the Magnolia tree out back. Move over Scarlet. Sigh.
Annual Free Arts New York City Benefit 04/23/2007

       Our girl began her career as a model and as quickly as she could, moved into acting. Apparently modeling can be quite lucrative, for a eventual career in acting.
       Liv Tyler has medium brown hair that has been designed in long layers and styled in lazy waves brushed over to one side and the color looks natural. There is the possibility of having a tint cover-up from a previous color. She has small dainty earrings on, that match her evening dress. Wouldn't our girl look pretty with a beaded ribbon used as a tie over the side hair. Even a false braid, with a different color used would look very dressy. We have to admit, she is a classy lady.