Kristy Frank's Crimped Hair

Kristy Frank - Long hair with the top area crimped
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You must admit, our celebrity Kristy Frank is cute, with her long hair brushed back and part of the top area crimped. Too cute!
Her blonde hair color is with faded caramel and light browns and gives the appearance of being warm and natural. She is wearing a seventies outfit that is quite stylish today, as well as for comfort. Her pink earrings go well with the colors she has selected and her make-up looks good.
If I had just one thing to change, I would take away the underneath eyeliner and lightly apply it just below her lower lashes and smudge it a bit. This way, she would look more wide eyed and not smaller eyed, even when she smiles. I am willing to bet the farm, that our girl Ms. Frank is a artist at heart; as I look at the colors she is wearing.
Kristy Frank wearing a stylish seventies outfit and hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
If you are interested in this type of hairstyle. After you dry your hair and brush it all back and secure with a clasp, take a section on the crown and top area and begin to crimp the sections as you go, you will discover a delightful contrast with your ordinarily straight hair.
This look would also bring a charming appeal, if you have curly or wavy hair as well. Today, there are several variety's of crimping irons to select from. Why not try this style, it just may be the real you.