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Molly Sims

Molly Sims with her hair in an updo with flowers        Molly Sims has green eyes and beautiful blonde hair. Her hair has been styled in an updo with flowers placed at the base of her style. She has several charming tones of honey blondes and pale blondes that have been foiled into her hair. This is the perfect style for a bride or bridesmaid and it might be simple for you to do. Take your clean dry hair and section off the small bang area and strands on the sides and clip. Now begin in a circular fashion and take one section from the sides connecting with the back and twist a few times while bringing into the center of the back and fasten with a pin.
Make sure you twist the end of the hair and fasten with a pin again. Do this going completely around meeting in the center of the back. If this is done correctly the ends of the hair will be sculptures of art framing each other. The sections do not have to be small ones; medium to large would do just fine. When done, use your medium sized curling iron to twist the hair on the sides to fall gently around the face. Smooth out the bangs just a little bit making large C curls to touch the forehead. Place your preferred set of flowers just under the style in the back. Spray.
Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron wearing her hair in a smooth updo        The magazine "Tatler" claims celebrity Charlize Theron has the best legs in Hollywood. In assuming that, I wonder if they know who the worst are is. But, we aren't going there. Moving right along ...
       This lady is not afraid to wear her hair butchered short, long, up or down. She is up to the style if the role calls for it. She looks a little bit like she could be related to Greta Garbo here with her dark blonde hair and neutral slices running in and out of her hair. This could be a simple updo for you to try on yourself if you are game for the challenge. Always begin with your hair clean and dry. Section and part the top on the side that suits you and clip. Now brush the rest of the hair completely flat and take some strong bobby pins and pin your hair down level to your earlobe straight across. Take the rest of the hair up and make a roll going slightly over the pins and begin to fasten the roll down while linking together the with the former pins. The roll should be a wide roll about the size of the palm of your hand when measured. Everything should look very smooth and tight. Take the bang out of the clip and lightly comb over the forehead on one side and spray.
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