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Molly Sims with Darker Hair

Even Molly Sims got drawn into the trend to more natural and darker hair. With the result of looking breathtaking at the 25th Anniversary Los Angeles Gala program of Operation Smile on October 5th, 2007.
The secret to this look is knowing how to use different shades of color that play with shadow and light and bring so much dimension into the hair. Molly's base color is walnut-cocoa with the bottom layer in a deep espresso. All is heated up with strands in nutmeg and honey, creating a spicy hot mix. Her long hair was cut in layers in an angled line from front to back starting below the chin.
Molly Sims - Long hair with different shades of color Molly Sims hair color with a play of shadows and light Molly Sims wearing her hair long with layers Crown view of Molly Sims hair Back view of Molly Sims long hairstyle
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