Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz wearing her hair up
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Celebrity Penelope Cruz exudes a Grecian aura, though her stunning looks are inherited from her Spanish heritage. With her warm, dark hair, she effortlessly complements her eyes, regardless of how she chooses to style her locks.
On this occasion, she graces the town with her presence, sporting a tightly pulled-up bun at the center back of her head. Surprisingly and refreshingly, she opts for short bangs, split into substantial sections, creating a visually pleasing effect. Every strand seems meticulously placed to enhance her Mediterranean allure.
To recreate this look, start with clean, dry hair. Section off the top portion behind the shorter bangs and secure it with a clip. Brush the remaining hair back toward the center of the back and secure it with a hairband. Divide the hair at the center and gradually tuck it under the band, forming a rounded bun. .
Penelope Cruz with her hair styled into a bun
Photos by PR Photos
Next, back-brush the sectioned piece and smooth over the top layer, allowing the longest part to be tucked under the bun. Assess in the mirror if you've achieved the desired volume. If not, gently lift the pouf with a hairpin to your liking.
If your hair lacks the volume needed, fret not. There are bun hairpieces available that can be easily attached. Finish with a spritz of hairspray, and you're ready for a sophisticated dining experience.