The Evolution of a Hairstyle (4)

Halle Berry with longer hair
Photos by PR Photos
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In the second photo we see Ms. Berry's hair in a slightly shorter length (just below the shoulder) yet still with the natural-looking spiral curls. Since this photo is dated only three months later (October 2004) than the one above, the shift in length could be a matter of the hair being more tightly and firmly curled, as opposed to (or even in addition to) being trimmed to a shorter length. Ms. Berry's balanced features and oval face make her able to wear virtually any hairstyle.
Nine months later (July 2005), Halle Berry is seen wearing this >sleek, clean style. The photos show that the hair has not been actually straightened, but that the curls have instead been smoothed flat to the scalp and the hair gathered into a tight, knotted coil at the nape of the neck.
Halle Berry with long straight hair
Photos by PR Photos
The photo illustrates also how the entire look can be changed with out changing the cut of the hair or making any other permanent alterations to texture, wave or color. For those women who have similar hair, the style is easily achieved by applying styling product (gel or smoothing balm) and by using a brush to smooth the hair flat along the scalp to the nape of the neck.
Gather the ends of the hair there into a ponytail and twist the hair until you begin to wind the hair into a knot at the base of the skull. Tuck the ends of the twist under the knot and secure the whole with a few bob pins.
In this October 2005 photo, Ms. Berry's usually curly locks have been blown straight and ironed smooth, giving her a professional-looking, yet soft, silky style. Razor texturing on the ends of the hair further soften the style and serve to create a gently curving style to elongate the face without sacrificing the soft oval shape. The result is a sexy style that frames the face and draws the eye down to the d├ęcolletage.
Halle Berry with long curly hair
Photos by PR Photos
The last photo, taken in May of 2006 shows a return to the hair's curly "natural" state. Although once more pulled back and gathered at the base of the skull, the hair isn't so tightly styled to the scalp, leaving the style softer, and the hair is left to fan loosely and hang free. The result is a controlled, yet romantic style that does nothing to interfere with the face, but still looks glamorous.
Hopefully, the illustrations and explanations above will have helped you to see how the hair can be given a multitude of different looks without changing the basics of the style. The next time you have the urge to make a dramatic change to your look, try to remember that you don't have to make a permanent change in order to get a new look. And by avoiding the more permanent ways to change your look, you also avoid making a change you'll regret.