Christian Bale Hair

Christian Bale's haircut and stubble beard
Christian Bale - Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
With the popularity of "Batman Begins" and "The Prestige", Christian Bale has become a real box-office draw in Hollywood. In addition, he's also inclined to be an independent spirit when it comes to his personal image.
These photos show Mr. Bale with a razor-cut shag-type layer style. The cut is perfect for those with medium-textured wavy hair.
The Cut: This cut features a curve-lined perimeter. The perimeter line is cut to follow the brow line and curve down the side of the face to drop just below the bottom of the ear lobes and end at the base of the neck in the back. The hair is layered in an elongated circle cut with lengths of about 3-1/2 to 4 inches all over the head using a razor tool with a shallow cutting angle.
Christian Bale - Long hairstyle for men
Christian Bale - Photo by Photorazzi
The Style: To style this cut, use a liberal application of leave-in conditioner and a smoothing serum to help keep the hair weighted and protected during the blow-dry styling. Use a diffusing attachment on your dryer, and your fingers to comb the hair back from the face and to scrunch the hair slightly, to maintain the hair's natural wave as you dry it.
Dry the hair to the mostly-dry state and allow it to finish drying naturally. If the hair becomes too dry in some areas, lightly mist with water and use a small amount of smoothing serum to weigh down the fluffy ends. The goal is a mop of purposefully disheveled silky locks.
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