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Rosemarie DeWitt's Long Hair

Seen here at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (August 28th 2010), Rosemarie DeWitt's long hair features a warm tone to her classic brunette color. The hair is cut with layers along the lower third of the length and has a fringe area that steeply dips on the sides to blend into the longer lengths.
The hair is styled with some casual wave, creating a loose, natural style that appears effortless and unfussy. Her make-up is in a soft, neutral palette with a touch of warm in the pink lip and cheek and a slightly smoky smudge around the eyes.
The ensemble she wears is navy blue satin with an offset design element suspended from the gathered collar. The finished look is semi-formal without being stuffy or pretentious. The color is perfect for her skin tone as it highlights the warmth of her skin and the hues of auburn within her hair.
Rosemarie DeWitt sporting a long unfussy hairstyle Rosemarie DeWitt sporting a long effortless hairstyle Rosemarie DeWitt wearing a blue satin dress
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