Rosamund Pike's Bob

Rosamund Pike - Bob with an angled cutting line
Photo by PR Photos
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When actress and former Bond blonde bombshell Rosamund Pike attended the Madrid Photocall on April 30th, 2015 for the "What We Did on Our Holiday" premiere she turned heads. She is thirty six and still looks all of twenty six.
She has many beauty secrets but one she has been quoted for on numerous occasions is using raw products that are found in nature. Grapefruit, for instance will promote hair growth and when used on the scalp it also will expel the parabens and waxes that build up on the mid shaft and cause limp hair and even breakage.
She is careful to style with product lines that are all natural. After a nice grapefruit cleanser, the hair is fresh and ready to be molded. To begin styling an angled bob style like Rosamund's, apply a heat protectant serum to damp hair. Blow dry the hair until it is about 80% dry (using a directional end on your dryer). Then, section the hair from top to bottom.
You will begin to round brush the bottom and work your way up the scalp. Wrap the hair around the brush and heat it up until dry. However long it takes to dry, let it cool for the same length of time (example: for 30 seconds, then let it cool off for 30 seconds before you remove the brush). Don't forget to hair spray as you go section by section. Part the hair off center and tuck hair behind the ear, spray again and you're all set.
Rosamund Pike - Bob with longer hair in the front
Photo by PR Photos
Rosamund Pike - Bob hairstyle with an off center part
Photo by PR Photos
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