Sleek Bob for Black Hair

Rochelle Wiseman wearing her back hair in a bob
Photo by PR Photos
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Rochelle Wiseman had her photograph taken while at the Variety Club ShowBiz Awards in London on November 15, 2009.
She wore her dark hair in a rounded sleek bob that was up tight around the nape of the neckline and pitched into a slant to cover her chin and tip the lower section of her neck.
The main focus is with the side part and from there her hair was blown over to the side to conform to the rest of the hair. The other side falls into an independent roundness that compliments the heavier side. There are a few slices of blonde and lighter brown panels throughout Rochelle's hair.
If your hair is naturally straight, this long bob could be an easy maintenance hairstyle for you to keep, because someone with thick straight hair doesn't necessarily have to wash their hair every day unless it seeps with oil. You can achieve the subtle straight roundness with either a jumbo curling iron or a flat iron.
Rochelle has heavy eye makeup on her oval face with thick arched brows, white and blue grey shadow, eyeliner, lashes and mascara. Her foundation is a lovely warm color coordinating with her own golden/olive skin tones. There is a good amount of bronzing brushed around her face and a light lip gloss that is blended in-between her lip liner.
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