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Reba McEntire's Hair

Songster and actress Reba McEntire went to the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards on 04/05/2009.
Reba has the perfect vibrant personality for a redhead and she carries it through very well. She is wearing long layers with a few strips of bang pieced upon her forehead, while the rest of her hair has been blown back to cover her ears, but left with enough exposure for her indigo earrings.
The entertainment industry is full of oval faces and Reba joins the club. She could wear whatever hairstyle is designed upon her. Her pixie face reveals a smile full of glee. Her hair feathers around her shoulders in light ribbons of curls and is a good length to be worn back, up or down. There can also be a series of cascade curls in the back or along the side for a time of dining out or a knot with plumes of hair fanning out in various directions. With layered hair this length might be a time consuming adventure in the mornings if your hair is thin or tends to be complicated at times.
The hairstyle is quite popular and with the help of a body perm if needed, you will find only a small time needed to tend to yourself in the mornings. Redken permanents are very good, but don't try to give one to yourself, leave it to the pros. Continued trims every six weeks will put the punch back in your hairstyle and refresh the perm. Search for a good moisturizer while learning about your new perm. If your hair is extra dry, then; you will need extra humectants. BioSilk puts out a smoothing conditioner you may be interested in trying.
Reba wears a lot of makeup but it doesn't look like a lot. There is a light foundation with lightly arched brows, brown and white eye shadow, heavy eyeliner, lashes and mascara. She has pale pink blush and a medium pink lip tint. She is wearing a violet color and that is one of her best colors for her to wear.
Reba McEntire - Long layered hairstyle with feathering Hairstyles for older women - Reba McEntire
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