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Rachael Harris

On October 29, 2012, Rachael Harris showed up at the "Wreck-It Ralph" Los Angeles Premiere event wearing a long hairstyle tinged with a hint of gray and blonde highlights. Her long hair is curled at the ends and looks as though it has not been straightened or had any chemicals added in the recent past. Her stylish black frame glasses match her long blonde hair perfectly.
A subtle part in the left side of her head separates the hair to have most of it falling to the right side, with both falling over the ears. Swooped bangs dress up the forehead and caress the right side of the head. A set of curls flows across the shoulders and on top of her frilled and multiplexed dress.
Akimbo on the red carpet, she is donned in black pumps and her long sleeved attire spells maturity in a classy way.
Rachael Harris - Glasses with a heavy black frame Rachael Harris wearing her hair long with curls across the shoulders Rachael Harris - Long hairstyle with swooped bangs Rachael Harris wearing a classy flower print dress
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