Nicole Ari Parker Hairstyles

Nicole Ari Parker (Nikki Kodjoe) is an American actress, born October 7th, 1970. She is known for her role as attorney Teri Joseph on Soul Food.
  • Nicole Ari Parker
  • Nicole Ari Parker with short hair

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After years filled with long hairstyles Nicole celebrated the ultimate lightness of being with a sassy short haircut. The transition was perhaps a bit radical but the result is just amazing. Not only is the new short cut instantly rejuvenating, it also comes with a good dose of sex appeal and a simply contagious joyfulness.
Nicole has a triangular face shape with a wider forehead and a small chin area. For this reason and to balance the proportions her ideal hairstyles include long cuts with most of the volume in the lower areas. Those can be layered haircuts with even sleek lines and a tapered frame around the face to add some movement.
She should avoid heavy volume on top. Bangs are extremely flattering for Nicole and she used to combine these with long, straight cuts. Her choices of color cover all brown and the darker blonde tones.
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