Naya Rivera Hairstyles

Naya Rivera is an American actress and singer, born January 12th, 1987. She is known for her role as Santana Lopez on Glee.
  • Naya Rivera with her hair up
  • Naya Rivera

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Naya has been acting since the age of four and is by now used to being in the limelight and public eye. To make sure she always looks great she chooses hairdos that are easy to keep up and that perfectly match her type, her face shape and fashion sense. When her hair reaches the middle of her back and cascades down in rows and rows of finely defined waves, she is a sight to see.
But sleek hairstyles with some modern texture in the tips, diagonal fringes, and asymmetrical ponytails with a teased high crown suit her just as well. Naya does not over style her hair and often keeps it in a natural flow with a great base cut. Of course she knows about the magic of layers and fine taperings. For special occasions she goes all out and wears extravagant, but fresh and fun up styles.
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