Natalie Zea Hairstyles

Natalie Zea, an accomplished American actress born on March 17th, 1975, has made her mark in television with memorable roles such as Gwen Hotchkiss in "Passions" and Karen Darling in "Dirty Sexy Money."
  • Natalie Zea with very long straight hair
  • Natalie Zea

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One of Natalie's recurring style choices revolves around the eternal question of bangs or no bangs. She has switched between cutting a playful fringe and letting it grow out, showcasing versatility that enhances her already balanced face shape. Few can pull off a long, blunt, and straight fringe with the flair that Natalie brings to her hairstyles.
In addition to the classic straight Brigitte Bardot-inspired fringe, Natalie has also explored a side-parted version with a diagonal fringe, adding variety to her looks. She often opts for sassy long hairstyles, whether styled with a simple center part or a chic asymmetry, each emphasizing her beauty and charisma.
To achieve her signature beach babe look, Natalie incorporates layers into her very long hair and adds highlights reminiscent of California sunshine. This combination not only enhances her allure but also adds a touch of sophistication to her appearance.
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