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Michelle Williams' Medium Hairstyle

On June 4, 2009 Michelle Williams wore her hair in a medium long soft flaxen blonde hairstyle that was combed over to one side covering one of her eyebrows and with one fine curl displayed along one side of her face. The back is gathered up into a gentle mass of hair.
Here Michelle has a very feminine and tender appearance. Her eyebrows look different with a natural light/medium effect, there is a little bit of smoky moss eye shadow, mascara on her lashes, eyeliner, a light blush and a neutral rose lip tone.
A sure tip for a coveted natural face that we see today like Michelle's is to leave your eyebrows in its natural form, unless they need a little bit of touching up with a pencil and if they do, try using strokes instead of shaded lines. Brush them into their growth pattern and concentrate upon the rest of your eyes.
Dress and hairstyle for a Michelle Williams look Feminine hairstyle for a tender appearance - Michelle Williams
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