Meredith Monroe Hairstyles

Meredith Monroe is an American actress, born December 30th, 1968 in Houston. She played the role of Andie McPhee in Dawson's Creek.
  • Meredith Monroe with a bob haircut
  • Meredith Monroe with short curly hair
  • Meredith Monroe's medium length hairstyle

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Meredith is a human chameleon when it comes to her hair. Especially when talking about her range of colors. She was blonde, brown, red and blonde again. She is mostly known with medium to shoulder long hair and proved that a well cut fringe is always cool and stylish. Whether she had her bangs all straight or curved in a diagonal line across her forehead, it has been a most flattering hairstyle for Meredith.
Talking about a diagonal line ... Meredith turned heads when she appeared with one of her best haircuts yet. It a was short crop, cut to perfection with fine tuned texture, long top hair, a graduated neck and yet another super chic asymmetrical line. Colored in a deep brunette, this look made her glow and gave her a brand new edge.
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