Mary Lynn Rajskub Hairstyles

Mary Lynn Rajskub is an American actress, stand-up comedian and artist, born on June 22nd, 1971.
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub with neck length hair
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub - Effortless hairstyle

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Mary Lynn has a lot of fine hair that she usually wears at a medium length, tapered, layered or both together. Her approach to haircuts is uncomplicated; she wears what she feels like and does not make herself a victim of trends.
You'll find her gorgeous self in cut off jeans and just as naturally in glamorous gowns. Since her face has a slight square shape the ideal hairstyles for her are longer than the chin line and come with layered movement and medium volume. A side part and half bangs are very flattering.
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