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Morena Baccarin's Medium Length Hair

Morena Baccarin attends "The 40 Year Old Virgin" World Premiere in Hollywood, California on 08/11/2005 and have you noticed how her hair is shorter? Somewhere between 2002 and 2005, she decided to cut all of her long dark hair and go for a medium length layered haircut. There is a heavy middle part with large scrolled roundness along the sides that cover her ears while it is combed back and then, reverses its position with light curls under her ears. The hair is longer in the back flipping up around the neckline.
I see this hairstyle as a labor of love, if it appeals to your taste. Large conventional rollers would do the trick for you all rolled down and under from the center part and then a vigorous brushing would be in order after it has been set or dry and ready for the hairstyle. The sides have a courteous fashion that reveals her tri-drop earrings.
Another way you could wear this hairstyle would be to take the hair that has been combed back and design it into a knot along the nape of the neck. This would appear quite stunning on Ms Baccarin and give her more of an ethnic appeal. One suggestion is to also wrap the hair vertically with rollers on top of the other rollers around the head and when set or dry, simply take them out and allow to drop for the hairstyle of the ringlets for today, or if you have a lot of time on your hair, you can always use a coiling or curling iron, curling in small sections for a lasting firm set and develop some waves if you desire.
Morena tends to be one of few natural beauties that Hollywood has for today. Her foundation is a light mix that blends in with her natural soft tones. Her skin tone looks remarkably lighter since 2002 with special effects around her dark eyes of light eyeliner, lashes and mascara. There is a light brown shadow that is blended in a light taupe on the eye lid. Her eyebrows are arched neatly and as we look further we can see the light pale blush on her cheeks and a light neutral glossy lilac on her lips.
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