Molly Burnett's Pigtails

Molly Burnett with her hair in pigtails
Photo by PR Photos
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Molly Burnett attended the big 2010 bash of Daytime Emmy Awards Official Pre-party in Las Vegas on June 26, 2010 and by the looks of her generous smile, she had a great time.
Her hair color stems from a light brown to a multi-leveled blonde with streaks of reddish gold selectively positioned throughout her hair and worn with a simple part upon the side and smoothed to rest along her face giving the illusion that the top is her side hair, when in reality the rest of her hair has been divided into two ponytails (almost pigtails) that are fastened with two small bands and lie below her shoulders.
Anything goes today. Interestingly enough, we can see what Molly would look like if she were to cut her hair into a bob. I would personally like to see Molly with some lush waves around her face. I feel they would bring more of a definition to her pretty eyes and face.
Molly has great eyes, her eyebrows have a light airy appearance and eyeliner, lashes and mascara and a light eye shadow. There is a tinge of color on her cheeks and a transparent rosehip lip tone.
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