Molly Burnett Hairstyles

Molly Burnett is an American actress, born April 23rd, 1988. She played the role of Melanie Layton Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives.
  • Molly Burnett
  • pigtails

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The strawberry blonde beauty shows off her femininity with a mane of long, luxurious hair. She usually wears it parted on the side with the long fringe elegantly draped along the side of her face. This basic hairstyle is easy to modify with the help of some styling tools and products. Large waves and curly tips get her ready for an elegant and glamorous appearance. Sleek lines with a bit of texture in the tips are a more casual and earthy approach, but are not lacking in the style department either.
On more playful days Molly wears her hair with a lot of corkscrew ringlets that are just adorable and so fashionably retro. She is also a fan of hair accessories and often uses flowers, barrettes or hairbands to get another look quickly. Semi updos and casual buns or ponytails are another fun alternative.
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