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Tapered Long Hair

Looking like every mother's dream daughter-in-law Mischa Barton arrived at the M&M's Brand City party on March 11th, 2004 in Hollywood. She embodied young elegance in clear lines and brightness. Her hair had a warm nutmeg and honey glow and was masterfully cut.
Find out how to get this look: Have your long hair cut to a tapered line around your face, keeping the bangs straight and barely touching the eyebrows. The ends can be textured. When blow drying use a wide and flat brush, some shine serum and smooth it all out directing the hair in a forward angle. Finish with a light mist of shine spray.
Elegant young hairstyle - Mischa Barton Side view of Mischa Barton's hairstyle Close up photo of Mischa Barton's hair with bangs or fringe
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