Michelle Clunie with Short Hair

Michelle Clunie with short hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Michelle Clunie has chopped her hair into short spiffy layers and has styled it fluffy and smooth with a few flips in the back (April 29th, 2004). Red is the dominant color with flashes of golden blonde brightening up the whole hairstyle. What a difference a hair color and cut makes on a person.
Tip: Tones of red always bring out the pink hues in the skin. If you tend to be a bit sallow, perhaps a red tint would bring out the pink undertones in your skin for you. Another thought is to try the color pink on, next to your face and see if that helps you. If your facial color is too ruddy, red should not be your first choice.
Michelle's makeup looks quite smashing with the new hair color. She is using bronzing, light brown shadow, eyeliner, brows, mascara and naturally toned lip color.
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