Long, Straight & Past the Shoulders

Michelle Clunie with long hair past the shoulders
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Michelle Clunie begins with her light brown hair color and styled in a long straight flow that moves past her shoulders (May 15th, 2002). A small central part allows for the placement of a few stray pieces of bang while the rest is safely tucked smoothly from the top and around the sides.
The back part of her hair could suspiciously be a hairpiece known as the fall, as it is connected in the perfect spot and although the colors of the hair are a good match, are not an exact match. Look under Michelle's hair and on the one side and you will see the darkness of her own hair, and then observe the top mound. Falls, give lovely volume without the need for any product or backcombing.
Her makeup is right in the trend of things, going with the "light is right" theme for today. Light brows, light mascara, light shadow, light eyeliner and a muted lip tint.
She has the thin model figure to wear her slinky black dress with the wide deep dip in the front. The pendant and black purse are a nice touch.
Michelle Clunie with long brown hair
Long hairstyle for straight  hair - Michelle Clunie
Michelle Clunie with long straight hair
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