Melissa Rivers' Hair

Melissa Rivers wearing her brown hair long and smooth
Photo by PR Photos
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Melissa Rivers, as in the famous Joan Rivers daughter attended the 9th Annual Infinite Possibilities Gala that was hosted by The Jed Foundation on June 10, 2010 in New York City.
She wore her medium brown hair blown dry with a smooth iron over the cuticles followed by a smoothing serum. Her straight bangs hung in a swing peek-a-boo that was spaced out in different directions along with some filtering down over her eyes. Her sides have a slight angle that wisps around her neckline and her overall hair length flows just below her shoulders.
Her makeup is of a matt foundation with penciled brows, a smoky eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. There is the barest of hint of blush, with penciled lip liner filled in with a light frosty white/pink color.
She is wearing a dark grey over black that is accessorized with small looped earrings, a thin necklace, watch, bracelet and a dark clutch purse. I think mother is very proud of her.
Melissa Rivers long hair with angled sides
Photo by PR Photos
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